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Payload: 27 Ways I Save Money, Build Wealth and Boosted My Income Over 19%

How would you like to become more wealthy with the income you already earn?

Hi there! I’m THE Body Mechanic, America’s truth detector, Chris Klein. The truth remains – it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you can’t control your expenses.

Many millionaires, like Tila Tequila, rapper, and professional football player Tiki Barber, have become bankrupt or even homeless. Why? Not because they didn’t earn enough money or that the money spigot was turned off. It was because they had too many expenses. They couldn’t keep up with the lifestyle they developed and became accustomed to. Those are some extreme cases of people just being reckless with money, but the principle applies to everyone. “Efficiency is king”. I have discovered that even responsible and less wealthy people like us have many ways we can make more money with the income we already earn!

The key to wealth building is to minimize your expenses and maximize your income. Since it’s so difficult to make more money, the next best thing is to look into cutting expenses – through knowledge and expansion of your horizons. Cutting expenses is the equivalent of making more money. “A penny saved is a penny earned.”






In this life changing ebook, I expose over 27 ways I save money and build wealth – an essential pay raise without asking for a pay raise. From taxes and religious contributions to transportation and health care costs, you will learn ways to save substantial amounts of money no matter who you are and what lifestyle you live.

  • I expose massive flaws in the Dave Ramsey approaches to debt elimination. I believe Dave is dead wrong about his stance on the FICO score. In Payload, I explain why his “debt snowball” can be a very expensive approach.
  • I reveal exactly how I boosted my credit score 100 points in just 6 months… even with fresh derogatory accounts on my credit history!
  • I expose 3 different ways I have saved buckets of money just by reading laws!
  • I explain how church parishioners are being manipulated out of their hard earned money through church collections that are actually unbiblical. I explain exactly how Christians should give to God. “While I quit giving to fruitless churches, I did not stop giving to God. In fact, I ended up giving more in one day than I did in probably 3 years of church giving.”
  •  I expound upon a myriad of ways I have saved money on car care.

In Payload, I expunge a vast array of myths surrounding money and conservation. You simply won’t find this information anywhere else. From the most efficient HVAC setting to getting discounts in retail shopping, I reveal how you can quickly and easily save buckets of money and retain your hard earned money for the biggest possible retirement nest egg.

For just $37, you too can learn many truths about saving money, squash conventional wisdom that costs you money, and begin saving buckets of money immediately. Click the following link to the checkout page where you will be able to download my life-changing ebook in Adobe Acrobat format in seconds.

Payload: 27 Ways I Save Money, Build Wealth and Boosted My Income Over 19%

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