The Truth about Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition

Are you ready for the simple truth about weight control, diet and nutrition?

Over a decade into the health and wellness craze and people are still overweight with chronic health problems, even and especially the health conscious ones! Health conscious people I know suffer with fibromyalgia, hot flashes, pudginess, obesity, “muffin top” – one even got a tumor!

Fruit, veggies and exercise ain’t gettn’ it done!

The rabbit food we’ve transitioned to leaves you starving your muscles and other organs of critical nutrients while continuing to fuel fat cells!

Take it from THE Body Mechanic, @ 5′ 10″, 148 pounds and 11% body fat…

 31 or 21?

Fuel the muscles, starve the fat cells“. The #2 way people run to get healthy is a salad based diet which continues to feed fat cells (chicken, dressing, eggs, ham, nuts, etc.) and starve muscle cells. The only good and guaranteed way to achieve your natural body weight is to be perfectly healthy and eat ALL the nutrients your body requires, and nothing else.

All the health experts are wrong. Even the best ones might give you as many as 3 factors that contribute to good health and weight control. But the reality: there are 7 factors to perfect health, none of which is exercise. Exercise and restrictive diets actually damage your body and health in multiple ways. “Eat Clean, Look Clean: The Weight Control and Nutrition Super Manual” reveals how exercise without the proper diet damages your muscles and continues to feed your fat cells.

In “Eat Clean, Look Clean…”, I reveal what no other overweight or balding health ‘expert’ in the world can teach you about how to achieve true health, true weight loss – or weight gain – and maintain a tight, attractive body. Complete with images and the full, daily menu I use to maintain a 148 pound, 5′ 10″ frame at 11% body fat. I work out my upper body about once per year and never do cardio.

No more theories about your health!

Where other, usually overweight and chronically sick, individuals offer up their theories about weight loss and health, we have numbers and proven results! From chemicals to pH balance to eating truly clean, this ebook covers all dimensions of perfect health and weight control.  It does take a multidimensional approach. There is no silver bullet, no magic pill or product, that will get you perfectly healthy and let you lose or gain as much weight as you want. You must take all the different angles on health that science has discovered over the last century.

Other benefits of perfect health include thicker hair, skin and nails, better focus, mental clarity, and energy, better vision, more muscle mass and strength, more energy, better sleep, and solid prevention of life’s ailments and life-ending diseases and conditions.

You won’t just be starving unwanted fat cells. By adhering to these seven factors, you will also starve the common killers – heart disease, diabetes and cancer. If you currently suffer with a chronic condition, apply this vital information and watch it melt away along with the excess weight – fast! Or you can gain weight if you are below your desired body weight.

We expose the number one most critical nutrient your body needs to be healthy and control weight. With this one nutrient, lab mice in one study were slim. Without it, the mice were obese. This nutrient is the basis for all metabolic processes and eases multiple chronic digestive issues, yet doctors and health gurus simply won’t talk about it.

We blow the carb and calorie restriction theories out of the water with proof and numbers! It’s not about reducing portion sizes at all. Counting carbs and calories is actually destructive to your health and muscle mass.

In my revolutionary ebook, you’ll finally learn:

- Why some organic foods are actually very unhealthy and can make you blow up like a balloon.

- What “good metabolism” really means and precisely how to get it.

- How you can go 5-9 hours between meals before feeling a hunger pang.

- How nutrition can replace and help you detox from toxic prescription drugs.

- How Eating truly clean and perfect health doesn’t even require massive sacrifices. There are alternatives (i.e., truly natural) to nearly all the traditional/mainstream/chemical-laden foods you enjoy. We even reveal how some organic foods are not even natural, and are actually unhealthy for you.

The experts tell you to eat grilled chicken to be healthy? Chicken is perhaps the most dangerous food on the market and the #1 contributor to obesity. ONLY this ebook explains exactly why.

We take actual case studies and historical cases of people who have lost substantial weight, and why other health conscious people hit a plateau.

We reveal some of the most powerful supplements in the world. Save your money hand over fist, and save your health.

At the end of “Eat Clean, Look Clean…” , you’ll learn the connection I made that proves how this is truly clean eating.

In this eye opening expose of your body and health.

This ebook is your “one stop shop” for all your dietary and nutritional needs. It includes all the information and products you will ever need to be perfectly healthy and slim, how to live long and live strong.

Perfect health is the only approach to take if you want to achieve your natural, ideal, slim body weight. It’s way more than herbs and veggies. In fact, vegans set themselves up for their own set of health problems. A vegan diet is detrimental to your health, physically and mentally.

Finally, the simple and effective way to lose body fat!

“Eat Clean, Look Clean: The Weight Control and Nutrition Super Manual”:

  • “Starve the fat, feed the muscle”
  • The truly clean diet
  • Stop wasting $$$ on programs, supplements and “experts”
  • Powerful detoxification from chemicals, drugs, etc.
  • Dramatically improve your mood and digestive system
  • Sustained energy levels, stay fuller longer, cut cravings
  • No plateaus, proven successes
  • No nonsense – just logic, facts and numbers
  • Softer hair and skin
  • You control your weight – Stay rail thin for life!

With “Eat Clean, Look Clean…”, you can stop wasting money on expensive health food and programs, and stop using unnecessary supplements, that give you false hope of weight loss or weight gain. You can get back to the basics and eat simple, but effective… and generous! In this economy, you can’t afford not to practice the perfect diet and ditch the theories. You truly can eat yourself thin without lifting a finger!

It’s been said that our society is “overfed and undernourished”. It’s true. We consume a ton of food, but most of it is boxed, bagged, heated and processed. Is this real food? Hardly. In this crash course of the dietary essentials, you will see exactly what foods to avoid, and which to eat regularly. It’s all in a nutrient dense diet.

The no BS guide to truly clean eating. The gurus think they know all about clean eating. People who lost a bunch of weight think they know all about clean eating. But there really are 7 factors to take into account when eating.

Who would you trust more to help you hit a baseball, Barry Bonds or your baseball fanatic uncle who has never stepped foot in a batter’s box? Easy answer, and same goes for your health. Would you take health and weight loss advice from someone who is overweight with chronic health issues? Well, most of us do. There’s a reason the health gurus are still overweight with bad skin and lousy hair. They’re too narrow-minded! They don’t think big picture. That’s why this information is so effective and is actually changing lives. We take all 7 factors of perfect health and weight control which, together, “fuel the muscles, starve the fat cells”. There simply is no other weight loss plan that uses perfect health to accomplish the weight loss so you can reach your ideal, natural body weight. This ebook puts YOU in the driver’s seat during your weight control campaign. You can determine how much weight you want to lose. If you want to lose all the weight, you can. If you only want to lose 5 or 10 pounds, you can!

THE Body Mechanic, the Barry Bonds of health and wellness, uncovers the complete truth about weight loss, weight gain, diet and nutrition.

Included in this short, comprehensive, no nonsense e-book is my personal menu, and a checklist of the exact steps you must take in your weight control and perfect health campaign!

So cut the nonsense and rabbit food myths.

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