How to Cure Acne Naturally

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What’s causing my acne?

Blackheads, pimples and zits form when your pores become clogged with oil. Where does this oil come from? Well, what is any oil composed of? The fat of something – be it vegetable oil, corn oil, bacon grease, etc. This oil is coming from the food you eat.

You’ve probably heard of the heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid. Have you ever heard doctors or any other expert talk about saturated fat? Probably not. Most of the food in the average Western diet contains this fat, and if the dangers of it were fully exposed, the agriculture industry would change drastically (profits would be lost). In most people, saturated fat is turned into fat cells and stored in the body. For the rest of us, saturated fat irritates our skin and excretes out of our body via our pores. We suffer with acne. Stop this oily mess coming out your skin, and you stop your acne!

Finally, 100% relief from chronic acne!

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Dorothy, Rockville, MD

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