Supplement Corner

I, THE Body Mechanic, have personally tried nearly all of the following supplements at some point over the last decade, and I can vouch for their quality. I am still on most, as often as I can be.

Most of the supplements on this page are hypo-allergenic, which is why they’re here. Nearly all of them do not contain soy, gluten, oils, eggs, or ingredients from corny or grainy cows.

By the way, just in case you’ve heard the propaganda from recipients of pharmaceutical advertising dollars that supplements are “ineffective” and a “waste of money”, check out this article at

I can assure you, after taking supplements for 10 years for a variety of goals, most supplements are not ineffective, and they are very safe. According to the CDC, prescription drugs cause an average of over 100,000 deaths per year in America alone. You will be hard pressed to find one death from consumption of natural supplements.


Growth Factors


We’re just going to start off with a bang and reveal one of my top 5 supplements ever. Science has recently discovered what’s called “growth factors”. These growth factors are peptides that bind to receptors on the cell surface and stimulate all cells throughout the body to grow and reproduce. Growth factors are critical for recovery from injuries, sports injuries, joint injuries, cuts, scrapes, burns, surgery, whatever. They stop inflammation around the body and promote rapid healing by injecting cells with the right sequences of amino acids. Your cells’ DNA/RNA is a sequence of amino acids, bonded by hydrogen. When the amino acids or hydrogen are damaged or removed for some reason, the cell becomes dysfunctional until the nutrients are replaced. It can’t heal.

I have personally experienced immediate healing from nagging injuries when I started on a growth factor supplement. I had an extreme ankle injury for almost two years. I had an extremely sensitive tooth on and off for over a year. I managed to injure the back of my head and get vertigo after drinking a contaminated glass of water. That injury hung around for over a year. I also had a lot of these mysterious red bumps around my body, like little mini tumors or cystic acne, that take weeks or months to go away and some times leave scars. ALL these injuries and skin conditions went away within 3 days of taking a growth factor supplement. The ankle finally tightened right up. This is by far the most remarkable little supplement I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. I used almost all of my most powerful supplements trying to recover from my injuries. Tangy Tangerine (below) seemed to help with the tooth problem, creatine helped with the injuries, but nothing could completely heal these injuries and conditions. Until growth factors:

Watch the videos in my Laminine playlist on my Youtube channel and you’ll see users who have recovered from conditions such as cerebral palsy, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, back pain, depression, aggression and chronic fatigue, better sleep and mood, and much more after taking Laminine. This is about as close as it comes to a fountain of youth.


Essential for maintaining healthy hair, muscle mass, immunity, etc. The average diet does not contain enough quality protein. Nearly all protein from food is cooked, which destroys much of the protein.

Whey Protein from grass fed cows

Synergy Nutrition makes about the best and best tasting whey protein powder on the market. It’s called One World Whey:

One World Whey Protein Power Food

Hypo-allergenic. It’s not from corny/grainy/soy fed cows, it’s from grass fed cows. Big difference, as outlined in “How to Truly Eat Clean…”. This stuff is nutrient dense, as opposed to the nutrient deprived, corny alternative. And the flavor is great, especially when combined with milk (hopefully from grass fed cows).

Amino Acids


This is the first hypo-allergenic, non-dairy amino acid supplement I’ve ever seen. The amino acids are derived from silk. The manufacturer markets some incredible gains in muscle performance due to this supplement. I did notice an increase in strength/energy the first workout upon taking it.

Testosterone boosters

The primary ingredient in these is tribulus, a plant extract. It’s responsible for jacking up your testosterone level. Wanna feel like a teenager again? Get a testosterone booster! One word – tight.


This one has to be the most powerful testosterone booster on the market. I felt like a teenager again when I got on this stuff. I also feel like a gorilla at times. When you learn how to properly fix your posture, make this among the first supplements you take to really solidify your hip. It’s also the best value I’ve ever seen out of a supplement. Less than $20 for a 45 day supply! That’s spectacular for a high demand supplement! You can’t miss this!

AllMax Nutrition TribX 90 - 90 Capsules


This one isn’t as powerful as Trib90X but it boosted strength and recovery for me. More powerful than Prime, but doesn’t have some of the extra benefits. However, it does have some kind of tremendous benefit to skin. It wasn’t until I started on this one that my extremely damaged and thin skin of 6 years began to get thicker and make a substantial recovery.

BPI Sports A-HD + FREE SOLID 10 Day Trial - 28 Capsules

Prime Muscle Pill

This stuff is amazing. Not only does it make your muscles stronger, it makes you stronger at the cellular level all over the body. But this particular supplement does something more than just boost testosterone. I get amazing sleep from it, as well as drastic cuts in recovery time from cuts, burns, scrapes, etc. It seems to double recovery time, but I haven’t proven that.

PRIME 120 caps


Growth Hormone booster


The first of USP’s earth shattering supplements – growth hormone booster. It works! Great for muscle recovery, skin, teeth, sleep, etc. The ingredients in this are a bunch of different plants from different continents. There are only two things I’ve ever seen that super strengthen teeth – Powerfull and raw milk. No need to combine the two either. Powerfull will strengthen teeth all by itself, no matter how hard or long you brush. And if it has that kind of effect on teeth, imagine what it can do for bones.

PowerFULL 90 caps

Nitric Oxide boosters

Nitric oxide, aka arginine alpha keto glutarate, or arginine AKG. Take all the other supplements on this page and multiply their effects, and that’s what this supplement essentially does. It dilates your blood vessels to their fullest so your cells can absorb more nutrients, called vasodilation. It gives you that “pump”, like when you’re pressing weight during a workout. Stacked with testosterone and growth hormone boosters, protein/amino acids, etc., you can restore your posture very quickly (and probably lose all extra body weight). That kind of stack will give you steroid-like results.

If you’re easily susceptible to acne, be careful with these. They are the only supplements on this page that are derived from the milk of corny/grainy cows.

1.M.R Powder

This stuff combines 3 of about the top 5 ingredients for muscle growth and strength – AKG/nitric oxide, creatine, and caffeine, and in concentrated form. It’s equivalent to 3 servings of other nitric oxide boosters. Careful with this one, as it has the equivalent of 3 cups of caffeine. Personally, I have to take ½ a serving as I’m very sensitive and only 150 pounds at 5’10”. The first time I ever took 1MR, I took a full serving and it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. One cup of coffee in the afternoon will keep me up late at night. And even half of a serving of 1MR still keeps me up late. So be careful if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

It may not be as powerful as the next nitric oxide booster below, but it gets the job done very well. You may also notice a euphoric feeling, at times, while on this stuff. It’s just this deep satisfied feeling. That’s about all I can explain of that aspect. It also makes me want to be insanely productive.

BPI Sports 1.M.R Powder - 224 Grams - Watermelon

NO2 Black

This was the one that started the nitric oxide craze. It’s a step above other AAKG supplements in that it gives your blood vessels a perpetual pump. The makers developed a system whereby nitric oxide is fed to your blood vessels throughout the day. This combination gives you insane endurance. I tried it out when it first hit the market and saw the results advertised. I gained nearly 20 pounds of muscle in a few months and could’ve easily placed high in body building competitions. It was like muscle on demand. I could run a mile at the gym before doing several “circuit sets” of weight lifting, without getting sore or tired! Simply amazing. Added benefits included mental clarity/focus, plenty of energy

MRI Performance NO2 Black - 180 Caplets




This is the MRI brand of Creatine, in advanced, “ethyl ester” form, whatever that means. All I care is that I got pretty strong on the stuff and it makes you lift more weight, longer.

MRI Performance CE2 Platinum - 180 Capsules                                         MRI Performance CE2 HI-DEF - 180 Caplets



Adya Clarity

Aka, black mica, this magnetic mineral is found in the water table deep in earth. It’s the single most powerful ‘supplement’ I’ve ever seen. This stuff neutralizes anything harmful – radiation, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, etc. There’s a video you can watch where a Japanese harvester of the black mica used it once to clean an extremely dirty pond. Within 3 hours of pumping a few thousand gallons of black mica mixture into the pond, all the filth rose to the surface of the pond (it’s very gross), was cleaned off, and the water proved clear and clean enough to drink. The CEO of this harvesting company actually took a glass of water from the pond and drank it.

Is it a coincidence that the one mineral that can neutralize any pathogen and heavy metal l is found in one of our most important nutrients, water?

Miracle Mineral Supplement

Some brilliant doctor discovered MMS. He uses it to treat malaria in Africans. And it works! I’ve used it many times to kick infections. Be careful with this one, though. It’s a little too powerful. More than one drop will dry you out. I only take it when I get a stubborn infection. Take one or two drops at a time until the infection/disease is gone, no matter what the insert says. Start with one drop, work up to two drops.

Some other testimonials from users include those who found complete relief from Hepatitis, Herpes, and even cancer and Human Pamplona Virus (HPV).

Oxygen Supplements

Great for improving focus, sleep. Awesome for recovery from injuries, burns, cuts, etc.

Cell Food

A nuclear scientist developed this to cure himself from radiation poisoning. It’s a concentrated form of depleted oxygen and minerals. It contains over 70 minerals and trace minerals.


This is strictly an oxygen booster. The makers/distributors of Cell Food claim that Oxy-C isn’t very efficient. I don’t know. You be the judge. People, myself included, saw some amazing results from Oxy-C. I know it had no mercy on burns and cuts.


Enzymes are responsible for breaking down food into absorbable nutrients you’re your digestive tract can absorb. They’re classed as a protein and found in all foods, but the cooking process destroys most or all of them. So supplementation is necessary, especially in the western diet. They’re absolutely critical to controlling appetite, weight, and the aging process.

Solaray Super Digestaway

Solaray Super Digestaway – 180 Capsules

Vitamins and Minerals

In my ebook, “How to Truly Eat Clean…”, I explain how the body needs 90 nutrients to function properly. Youngevity supplements are the best of the best. They include all 90 nutrients – vitamins, mineral and essential fatty acids – are non-synthetic and certified organic. Also, the value is incredible. You would easily spend hundreds of dollars buying all these nutrients separately. Tangy Tangerine is less than $50.

Users are reporting a plethora of benefits after taking Youngevity products; from rapid weight loss and stronger immune systems, to stronger joints, hair regrowth, and overall stronger bodies. Alex Jones – host of the Alex Jones radio program – lost 37 pounds just by taking Tangy Tangerine and not changing any other part of his lifestyle. His appetite shrunk immediately because of all the nutrition.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine

Healthy Start Paks (all 90 nutrients)