The Truth About Chronic Pain and Discomfort

How I clobbered ALL my chronic pain and discomfort…
and how you can too, immediately!

Eliminate back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, headaches, indigestion and many other chronic conditions associated with structural problems.
  • Knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder pain (aka arthritis)
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Vision impairment
  • Low, mid, and upper back pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Burning sensation between your shoulder blades
  • Tickling sensation in the inner ear
  • Receding hair line
  • Chronic dry eye
  • Headaches and sinus problems
  • Indigestion, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers
  • Sciatica
  • Numbness
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  • Constipation
  • Tennis elbow
  • Reproductive problems
  • Even restless sleep patterns!


How it all started.

When I was a teen in high school, doing lots and lots of athletics, exercising and sitting, my neck started to hurt. So my doctor friend and I did some kooky things to try and ease the pain, but nothing worked.

Midway through college, things got much worse. As I began running a lot at the YMCA, playing basketball and lifting heavy weights, the neck pain got extreme and my sinuses began having chronic problems. When I graduated college and went to work for an appliance shop, on came the low back pain, wrist pain and burning at the top of my shoulder blades.

Right after a summer of working at the appliance shop, I started my career in accounting, sitting all day and then lifting really heavy weights and running even more at night. I was taking powerful supplements and packed on 20 pounds of muscle. But by the age of 20, I also had sciatica, migraine headaches, low and mid back pain, neck pain, numbness in my toes, extreme digestive issues – including an ulcer attack that probably should’ve sent me to the hospital – and a receding hairline. I was a mess!

I came across an effective chiropractor who could relieve my pains by adjusting my bones. But the pain always came back after a day or so. But by the grace of God, I read an article in Men’s Health magazine that changed everything! I discovered an exercise that eviscerated my low back pain, for good! Things cracked, and I felt much better. I put all this together and realized what I can do to solve my chronic pain problems. I learned the special relationship between our bones, nerves and muscles that causes chronic pain! I discovered how to reverse all that stress I put on my nerves, bones and digestive system!

Almost unbelievably, I was able to eliminate my neck pain, back pains, headaches, joint problems, numbness in my toes, indigestion… everything! And I was able to completely stop my receding hairline! And now I knew how to stop these problems if they ever popped up again, by the time my head hit the pillow at night! As any other painful condition popped up, I immediately figured out how to fix it with some muscle strengthening therapy – tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, ankle pain, restless leg syndrome… you name it, any condition! I decided I better chronicle all this, and ended up writing a book explaining all the techniques, as you’ll see shortly.

I was able to start showing other people how to fix their pain problems. For instance, my father-in-law injured his knee really bad at work one day. I showed him a little trick I learned to immediately adjust the knee back into alignment. He did the trick and felt better instantly. Knee pain gone, for good! No more pain pills! I went on to work with him at that job for years and verified that the knee problem never returned.

What’s causing these bone misalignments?

I discovered that as we age, we use certain muscles more regularly than others, especially around the hip and spine. Constant, every day use of our back and leg muscles, combined with the neglect of core muscles, develop such muscle imbalances around the hip that it becomes displaced (or misaligned). We then lose the good posture we were born with – man’s price for being the upright species.

The more we use these muscles, the more stress we’ll put on the bones our muscles were designed to support. The result is stress on several biological functions attached to our bones – like your nervous, digestive, reproductive and muscular systems. Correcting muscle imbalances will free up those functions. Then pain and discomfort will go away. This concept applies to all joints in the body (aside from select diseases and chemical poisoning, of course). If your joints hurt, it is because one muscle is too tight and another is too weak!

As the hip goes, so goes the spine.

There are 18 muscles attached to your hip – plenty of opportunity for problems. To compound the problem, the hip bone is the foundation for the spine. If your hip becomes displaced, the spine will shift, causing a plethora of problems from the head down to the knee… including your sinuses and tear ducts. Biological systems, such as the digestive and reproductive systems, connected to the hip bones will also develop problems from this hip displacement.

Some web sites say that the pain is caused by your muscles. That’s true, but only half the story. The real problem is bone misalignments caused by muscle weaknesses. This combination is what causes nerve interference, muscle tension and other problems.

Some web sites tell you to simply exercise to solve your pain problems. Worse, they may tell you to do back exercises to solve your back pain. That’s like strapping bricks to your shoes in a sprint race. The problem is tight back muscles! The problem is running, and walking improperly. The problem is athletics. The problem is heavy weightlifting. The problem is loss of posture. You must exercise the proper muscles if you ever stand a chance to recover from structural problems without surgery. But even surgery is quite often ineffective.

Still others will tell you to take a nutritional approach to correcting chronic pain and digestive, nervous, and reproductive problems. While that can be an important part, it is usually not the main issue. Bad posture and muscle imbalances can’t be corrected by nutrients. You may be able to alleviate the inflammation, but that just masks the real problem. You must strengthen the weak, neglected muscles in your core to restore your posture to the way it was as a toddler!

Sitting and sleeping can also be brutal on your hip and spine…

“Yet another contributor to weaker muscles is constant poor posture. Sitting and sleeping positions can stretch out the more neglected muscles around your hip and spine. Office workers, musicians, or someone who has to be on their seat a lot during the day are prime victims of this problem.” pg. 4

All our reclining, all our sitting, and all our sleeping can wreck posture. You must correct your posture to correct the interferences being put on your nerves and biological systems. You must correct your muscle imbalances to correct your posture.

There is only one way to restore your posture. This is the most important part… you must obtain a special piece of exercise equipment and do the precise exercises I outline in my book. If you do core exercises any other way, you will make conditions worse!

Now you can learn the simple techniques to restore your posture and solve some of life’s greatest mysteries, in my short e-book, Eliminating Pain: Your Guide to a Better Lifestyle:


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In mere days, or even hours, you can reverse your muscle imbalances and restore your posture. Learn the solutions you’ve been looking for. All are exposed in this clear-cut, comprehensive guide to eliminating pain and discomfort from head to toe. David knows:

“I suffer from back pain due to a defect in one of the vertebrae in my spine. After using Chris’ techniques to strengthen my abdominal and front-side spinal muscles, my chronic pain has greatly diminished.”
– David C., Greer, SC

We are going to turn your posture from:

This to That

We are going to laser target the sources of your chronic pain and discomfort. We’ll put these muscle imbalances under a magnifying glass and properly identify the problems. You’ll discover muscles you didn’t even know you had! Here’s a snapshot:

“I experience the bulk of relief when I strengthen the 6-pack abs and pelvis. They appear to make up for most of the slack. When working these, I can actually feel the hip bone push against my thighs, hip adductors, abductors, and flexors; and back muscles. The pelvis feels like it has the most impact on hip support, as the spine increases its posture the most after working this muscle.” – pg. 24

You need the truth about back and joint pain to end your chronic pain nightmare! You won’t find the truth about pain and chronic conditions in a capsule, tube or bottle. The problem is not caused by a shortage of prescription drugs. The truth is, there is a structural problem between your muscles and bones that must be corrected. Prevention is always the best medicine! Then and only then can you become independent of drugs and supplements and enjoy life again!

Eliminating Pain: Your Guide to a Better Lifestyle is the only source for 100% complete relief from chronic structural problems in your joints and spine. In this comprehensive e-book, you will learn:

  • The true sources of your chronic condition(s) p.4
  • Exactly which muscles you need to quit strengthening immediately p.7
  • Which core muscles you need to isolate and strengthen p.7
  • An exercise mechanism that will save your life! p.26
  • The correct sitting posture p.24
  • The correct sleeping posture p.24
  • The correct walking posture p.34
  • Plus much more!

No more vague, ineffective techniques that provide little or no relief of the underlying problems. No more theories by “experts” peddling some potion or pain killer. You will find the answers you’ve been searching for in this one of a kind e-book, guaranteed! Experience true relief, more energy and sensation in just days!

The path has been beaten. The blueprint has been drawn. The game plan has been assembled. All you need to do is follow it! You don’t need to wonder or guess any more!

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