Dealing with Autism

They say 1 in 100 kids develops autism, currently. I just happen to be that one.

I was never diagnosed by any kind of professional. Everyone thought I was just quiet. I diagnosed myself at age 20, after reading a Men’s Health magazine article. It was like reading my life story – low muscle mass, very defined; can’t make eye contact; anti social, and separated from reality.

I used to be able to separate my mind from my senses, like the sense of touch. I still can, just not as much. I have been able to stay in control under pain, often times even extreme pain. I just take it, like it’s not there. Growing up I would always run the cold water to wash my hands in the bathroom, not even thinking about how cold it was. Now I definitely like to watch the temperature of the water, though. I used to hardly blink when I would cut open my hands with pocket knives, slam my fingers in doors, drop a hatchet on my head, or sprain joints; typical kid stuff. It hardly fazed me, never scared me. I couldn’t get emotional. I couldn’t communicate, even though I grew up with 6 other kids in the family. I couldn’t string together two sentences until I was about 19. Even then it was very difficult. Social situations were unthinkable.

The real cause of autism is the vaccinations, primarily. Dr. David Ayoub has done the independent investigation and discovered what others have already found – it is the mercury, primarily in vaccinations. Its technical name is thimerasol.

My little brother David had such a bad reaction to his first vaccination that my mom didn’t give her next son any shots. David screamed the entire rest of the day of his shot.

Check out the overwhelming evidence from baby Madison before and after her first vaccination:

I came across this bit of info. from which seems to support my theory to a t.

“Mitochondria, Oxidative Stress, and Pollutants including Thimerosal

1. Mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, regulation of exocytosis and their relevance to neurodegenerative diseases

Keating DJ.
J Neurochem. 2008 Jan;104(2):298-305.

A common feature in the early stages of many neurodegenerative diseases lies in mitochondrial dysfunction…”

I don’t remember much from high school biology, but I do remember that the mitochondria are known as the “power house” of the cell. I’m sure disabling it could do plenty of damage.

The beginning of my recovery occurred when I began listening to talk radio. I began to develop perspective the more I listened. Plus, it’s been proven that TV is actually counterproductive to a child’s neural development. Without using our own mind to envision, we become impaired.

The next phase of recovery came with a change in diet and the addition of supplements. Dr. David Ayoub explains that a natural body cleansing can cleanse the metals and toxins out of our bodies. I totally revamped my diet – thanks mostly to chronic acne. With this change I not only began to think more clearly, but my health changed dramatically. I no longer got sick from infectious disease, after growing up the sickest kid you can imagine. Plus my acne disappeared. Some fantastic supplements that have been developed recently are Sun Chlorella and Oxy-C. Research both here and here. They are both unique and very powerful.

With the addition of raw egg yolks, my nervous system totally changed. My senses improved, and most important my mind became clearer and I could think and communicate way more effectively and quicker than ever before. I learned the raw egg yolk trick from a website called The yolk contains large amounts of good cholesterol, or brain food. The difference now is like night and day.

As if the vaccinations weren’t enough, I’ve learned that mercury is actually a by product in the artificial sweetener high fructose corn syrup.

That may explain a lot. This article explains that the average person consumes about 56 pounds of the junk in a year. Most processed foods are laced with it.

I’ve learned that structural problems – bone misalignments caused by muscle imbalances – can impair mental function. I’m convinced this thimerasol shut down half of my brain. I used to be heavily dominated by the right side of my body, and wasn’t too creative; until I recovered from the condition. My dad and little brother are both ambidextrous; both never were vaccinated. I believe this shut-down in half my central nervous system and years of heavy right side use resulted in several structural problems throughout my body, all of which I document in Eliminating Pain: Your Guide to a Better Lifestyle. These structural problems then affect several biological functions, including digestion. It’s like a domino effect. Impairment in my digestion, I have proven, leads to a lack of mental function. I get slow, forgetful, stupid, quiet, tired, anti social, etc. These structural problems really put a stranglehold on my mind and body.

I sincerely hope this information helps. Autism is easily reversible. It just takes some nutrition and training.

Also, if you or a dependent suffers from autism or another mental health disorder you may be eligible for government benefits: