Meet the Body Mechanic

“Back pain, neck pain, joint pain… headaches, sinus pressure, hair loss… zits, pimples, blackheads… obesity, fatigue…

Let my body go!”


It sure feels great to be free from chronic pain and acne!

They tell me I was always observing and looking around when I was a little kid. “Look, $1.15  for gas,” I would tell them from my booster car seat. What kid cares about the cost of a gallon of gas? Apparently this country boy from rural western NY has a natural ability to pick up on things – patterns, connections, numbers, etc.

At the age of 21, I conquered chronic acne just by noticing a common factor between the chicken and cow products I was eating. On top of all my problems, it was at this age I discovered I had an autistic mind. I was able to free myself from the condition.

At the age of 22, I began to conquer back and joint pain, and other tricky structural problems. In my late teens I developed tremendous back and neck pain, thanks to all the back busting manual labor and athletics I did. Starting my career as a bookkeeper – sitting for half the day in terrible office chairs – I pushed my hip out of alignment and it all came unglued at that point. When I found a good chiropractor, I noticed I could mimic his moves on myself. Then I discovered certain exercises made my back pain go away.

I helped my step-father stop his excruciating knee pain, instantly!

I helped my nephew ease his neck pain, instantly!

I helped my brother’s friend end a migraine headache, instantly!

I helped one friend get over the flu or flu like symptoms overnight… all with simple techniques. I don’t know, maybe it’s my simple mind, persistence, and the grace of our Maker.

I eat 4 meals a day and can’t gain a pound. It isn’t because of my metabolism – I’m not a teenager any more. It’s because of what I eat – roughly 90% organic and  99% saturated fat-free. If it comes from the ground, it’s good. If it’s processed, it’s usually not good for you.

Perfect health isn’t overly complex. It’s actually quite simple. That must be why this young, punk, autistic country boy from western NY was able to understand it. Just feed your body plenty of everything it needs, keep the rest out, and correct any structural problems between your bones and muscles. Outside of these, there isn’t much opportunity for ill health.

I often hear the argument that good health (healthy food) is just “too expensive”. So how much is your health worth to you? The reality is – good health is much cheaper in the long run than poor health, and you get to enjoy a better lifestyle. I hear about people losing their savings accounts because of cancer or some devastating health problem – all avoidable. Comparing the cost of (simple) food in our generation to the cost it took to hunt, grow, and process it 100 years ago, I’d say a healthy diet is still cheaper than the average diet back then. Who do you really want to trust with your health – God’s green earth, or people out to make a buck?

When we start to see food as fuel, and quit seeing it as something that must taste absolutely splendid, that’s when we’ll start feeling better, looking better, saving money on health care, and living a better lifestyle. I don’t have medical insurance. I don’t plan on being insured. Responsibility and simplicity is my health insurance. I’ve solved more of my problems than the doctors have. Who should be paying who?

If you can follow the simple instructions outlined throughout this website and downloadable ebooks, you can transform your health.  You can look and feel great again… feel like a kid! You can restore your body to the way it was as a child.

If you want insane energy levels, effective and permanent weight control, clear skin…

If you want to solve real problems, and not just mask symptoms…

proven and G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E-D…

all you need to do is follow instructions outlined in my ebooks.